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The dilemma is acquiring the wanted outcome cleanly. My illustrations/tips so much:LuaTechnology. ispartiallyresearched would be accurate/wrong, equivalent to . investigated, return true when *at minimum* the initially level has been researched.

This is equal to tech. level>tech. prototype. stage LuaTechnology. researchedlevel (or LuaForce. gettechnologylevel(techname)) returns . inf, comparable to . amount, would return the “accurate amount” of that particular analysis chain, inclusive of former and potential stages. In the situation of employee-robots-speedrnforces. player. technologies["employee-robots-speed-six"]. researchedlevel == one (when employee-robots-velocity-1 is researched) forces. player. systems["employee-robots-pace-1"]. researchedlevel == 5 (when employee-robots-speed-five is researched) forces. participant. systems["worker-robots-velocity-6"]. researchedlevel == 12 (when employee-robots-velocity-6 is researched up to level twelve.

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for comparison on this unique scenario, ["worker-robots-speed-6"]. level would “ordinarily” return thirteen at this stage)You can see how LuaForce. gettechnologylevel(techname) might actually be a lot more appropriate in this article, rather of possessing this . researchedlevel and it be the very same value for each entry of LuaTechnology in power. systems. I also feel for drive. gettechnologylevel the techname should really be the base know-how title and not a precise degree. eg.

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supplying it “employee-robots-speed”, so without the “-1″, “-5″ and so forth. This way the big difference among “ordinary” and “multi-stage” researches does not require to be distinguished, it just gives you the stage. No fussing about.

Wrong if it has not been investigated, and nil (exclusively nil) if the technological innovation won’t exist (or throw error? not guaranteed how you’d if not manage this scenario. nil would seem to be cleanest) since systems can be marked with a stage , so returning when not researched is not the right remedy listed here. This is a excellent endeavor of the type of thing i was wanting for, and is proficiently what such a function i am requesting would do, but you wildly skip the mark (and it truly is not obvious both). How do you get the stage when the prior ranges are not multi stage researches, or it switches between normal and multi-amount researches? And you still call for still extra handling if there ended up far more degrees just after that multi-amount study (adding different science bottles for instance, or changing their unit counts (not the method – the “*x” for every single “rely”). Combine these challenges and you get a hot mess searching like this:Re: LuaTechnology. level is not regular. Post by Bilka » Fri Sep twenty, 2019 six:21 am. Re: LuaTechnology. amount is not reliable. Post by Boodals » Fri Sep 20, 2019 6:24 pm. Re: LuaTechnology. level is not steady. Post by Rseding91 » Sat Sep 21, 2019 5:18 am. I’ve been pursuing this thread as replies arrived in but I genuinely don’t understand any of it. rn* When reading through . researched it will give “legitimate” or “false”.

* When . researched is “true” then . degree == “the amount the technologies has been investigated up to” * When . researched is “wrong” then . level == “the following degree not investigated”In the circumstance of “I want to know what stage has been researched” it really is as easy as “has *know-how X* been investigated?” if “indeed” then “. amount” is the stage that has been investigated if not “. level – one” has been researched. Re: LuaTechnology. stage is not regular. Post by Bilka » Sat Sep 21, 2019 3:47 pm. So, I went and experimented with it out.